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REO Services

REO Services In Roanoke VA – Property Preservation – Securing – Inspections & Eviction



We want to work for you and will go above and beyond to keep our REO clients happy and strive for fast services without mistakes. We are organized and have resources on hand to provide your company the best service possible. We are a smaller REO property management and preservation outfit that relies on repeat business.

We are located in the Heart of SWVA in Roanoke VA and can services a 30 mile radius and beyond in Rural areas.

  • Property Preservation: Security, Securing Property, Lock Changes, Debris Removal, Property Clean-Out, Winterization, Lawn/Landscape, General Repairs & Maintenance, Exit Clean-up, Deep Detail Cleaning, Cleaning, Property monitoring, and more.
  • REO Inspections: REO (real estate owned properties.) Field services offered in this area include checking that lockboxes are secured for agents, as well as determining occupancy for a property, as well as assessing damages, readying a property to be shown and for the purpose of getting the property ready to be sold to another buyer. Photographing and Posting Notices and more. Inspecting your property fast!
  • Eviction: Eviction is an emotional process for many and in most cases occupants are given plenty of opportunity and notice to vacate the property, in some cases assistance is needed in getting the out of the property and tenants may refuse to leave. Possession is given to the lien holder by a judge, and upon receiving legal possession of the premises, an eviction must then be scheduled with local law enforcement–usually the county sheriff. Once an eviction is scheduled, We will deliver certified documents to the physical location of the eviction at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled eviction date, where the eviction decree is posted in a place obvious to the occupants. On eviction day, Our well trained and experienced Services representatives will coordinate efforts with law enforcement to remove property and possessions from the premises in an organized way according to local codes and regulations outlined in the terms of the eviction process. Immediately upon deeming the property vacant, our representatives will begin the process of securing the property as per our client’s instructions.
  • Property Securing: This is an essential step in REO management. Securing a property is accomplished by checking for occupancy and making sure any broken windows and doors are replaced or boarded, locks are changed, winterization is completed, and debris is cleaned up and removed. The overall goal is to keep a property in the best possible shape to encourage curb appeal and increase the likelihood of a potential sale to prospective buyers. Part of securing a property involves the placement of lock boxes in places where agents and brokers can access them in order to show the property. It also may involve the placement of for sale signs to alert of the status of the property as ready for sale. Resecuring is sometimes also a necessary step for REO management, we will be quick to respond to help resecure a property upon the client’s request.