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Lock Changing

Locksmith Lock Change Service In Roanoke VA

Need your locks changed in the Roanoke VA area? Big Lick Locksmith offers same day lock changes in most cases and even provides emergency lock change services after normal business hours. We change locks on (Houses & Apartments) residential and  commercial. We do not provide lock changing service for automobiles (only lock-out services for cars).


When you have your locks changed we come out and remove your current locks and knobs and replace them with equal or better locks and hardware. In order to provide the best lock changing service possible we usually ask a few questions before coming out or giving you an estimate by phone.

Some questions we may ask:

  1. How many doors will be working on?
  2. How many locks on each door?
  3. What brand are your current locks?
  4. Are there any antique or specialty locks on the door?
  5. Is it a simple/basic doorknob and deadbolt lock?
  6. Do you want 1 key fit ALL locks entering the home or 1 key that fits each door?
  7. Is there a specific lock brand you would like?