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Child or Pet Locked In Hot Car – Heat Kills!

Hot Cars Can Kill Children  Pets – Take Action

Warning – Lives of children and pets are lost every year in the USA because of heat inside of locked cars. If you see a child or a pet left in a hot car, take action. Call 911 and tell them what you see. As a locksmith in Roanoke VA I see 5-10 cases of this happening every “hot season”. Just last week it was 95 Degrees outside (Which Makes The Inside Of Car Over 150 Degrees) and a lady called me and said she locked her baby in the car. She asked me how long before you can get here to open the locked car.  I asked where she was and she was approximately a 22 Min. Drive from my location. I told her I am a little far and would advise she call 911. She replied “I can not call 911” because she didn’t want any “trouble” with the police. I asked how long the child had been in the locked car, she replied “Only about 15 Minutes” I was beyond angry at her attitude and I said if you do not call 911 or break a window right away your child could suffer permanent damage or even DIE. I said I am hanging up and calling 911. So I hung up and did just that. The first responders broke the window and treated the child for heat exposure. The lady was not charged or in trouble as it was an accident. My issue was, why put a child in further danger because you are afraid of confrontation with the Police? This is a helpless fragile child. If you see this happening TAKE ACTION. CAll 911 first and follow their instructions. I drove to the location anyway to make sure the child was ok and the door got opened. Luckily she was in a shaded area which helped with the heat a little but the child was soaked in sweat (Per The EMS).

Did you know that in Virginia is is against the law (Currently) to break someone else’s window in a situation like this. Me? I would break the law and that window (If I had no other way in) to save a life or prevent injury to a helpless child or pet. What would you do?

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